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comparison of some useful apps

By Lynda Jacobson - updated on 2020/11/13

A travel experience is always unique for those who live it.  During a trip we are generally unfamiliar with the places we are visiting and depending on the duration ( whether it is a few days or a more important period ) we may have different needs.

A common need is to find information about a certain hotel or private residence that we want to rent during one of our stops.

On tripadvisor we certainly have the opportunity to find valuable information about it and compare feedback and prices. Likewise, sites like airbnb give the possibility to view feed-backs and characteristics of private homes.

In both cases, however, we cannot check whether other travelers or locals have, for example, encountered problems near the location we would like to visit (like rate of crimes, streets or alleys to avoid, suggestions to follow in proximity, etc).

An app that allows (for free) travelers to leave warnings or suggestions and associate them with a specific location on a map is SimilFinder: even if the accommodation or the restaurant are nice and well rated, still need to get advises about the surroundings.

Another common need, in case of prolonged stay, it is to get advises, for instance, for a  gym or how to meet people having the same interests to share.

Sites like Tinder give you the opportunity to meet people and others like POF can create matching results based on a lot of information you have to provide during the registration process.

On the basis of researches and user feedbacks, however, it turns out that people prefer to have a rough indication for a match and then give to the chemistry the final answer.  SimilFinder can, even in this case, for free create matching results also based on the specific location on a map that you want to restrict to.

Another useful feature of SimilFinder is the possibility (for free) to submit or search for classified – location based – and create automatic alerts to get notified when new classified will match your specific search. Other sites like craigslist offer the same funcionaities, but again in SimilFinder is done for free for all the supported categories.

Another need is to find traveling companions before or even after a trip is started. I have not found application for this. Again with SimilFinder it’s possible (for free) to post a traveling companion request or search for traveling companions by location on a map and create automatic alerts.

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